Our club belongs to all of us. If every member takes care of our people and our facilities, it will be enjoyed by more of us, and will be there for generations to come.

There are a few commonsense codes and procedures to help us all enjoy our club:

  • Be courteous, and considerate when using the facilities.
  • Respect the rights, dignity and worth of all players regardless of gender, ability or cultural background.
  • Foster an attitude of winning through fair play.
  • Protect your club’s financial viability by ensuring that:
    • Member access cards and website logins are not being used by anyone other than a club member.
    • You receive and pay your annual subscription notice. If you don’t receive a notice at annual subscription time or if your contact information changes, please email membership@sumnertennisandsquash.co.nz.
    • Your visitors pay a playing fee of $5 for adults or $2 for children (18 and under). Playing fees can be placed in the honesty box by the side entry gate. Non-members who use the courts more than four times a year must join as a member.
  • If you lose or find an access card, please contact membership@sumnertennisandsquash.co.nz.
  • Seniors are members until they resign. If you decide to resign, you must do so by 30 June in writing to the club committee (membership@sumnertennisandsquash.co.nz) and return your access card to P O Box 17 526, Sumner, otherwise annual subscription invoices will continue to be sent to you. Unless they are part of a family membership, juniors must re-register at the beginning of each season.
  • The club is not responsible for the safety of junior players and parents must ensure their children are appropriately supervised.
  • Tennis court lighting can only be used by club members.
  • Use only non-marking sports shoes on all courts.
  • Use only squash racquets and balls in the squash courts.
  • Do not allow bikes, skateboards and roller boards to be used on courts as they can damage surfaces.
  • If you’re last to leave please check that windows and doors are shut and lights are turned off, and that you leave the kitchen and lounge area tidy.
  • Abuse of our bar facilities could jeopardize our liquor license. Please act responsibly and take care to ensure our licensing terms and conditions are met.

Personal information and photos:

  • Your phone and email details may be used in membership lists which can be accessed by other members for the purposes of running tournaments and teams.
  • The remainder of your personal information provided on your application form is viewed only by administrators for administration purposes only.
  • Your personal information will be securely held, can be viewed by you and will be corrected upon request.
  • The Club may retain data about you for use in preserving club history.

Members may be included in photographs from club tournaments and events which could be used on social media.