22 Heberden Ave

P O Box 17 526

Email Contacts

Tennis Enquiriestennis@sumnertennisandsquash.co.nz
Junior Tennis Enquiriesjunior_tennis@sumnertennisandsquash.co.nz
Squash Enquiriessquash@sumnertennisandsquash.co.nz
Membership Enquiriesmembership@sumnertennisandsquash.co.nz
Account Enquiriesaccounts@sumnertennisandsquash.co.nz
Maintenance Enquiresmaintenance@sumnertennisandsquash.co.nz
General Enquiriesinfo@sumnertennisandsquash.co.nz
Newsletter Enquiriesnews@sumnertennisandsquash.co.nz
The Presidentpresident@sumnertennisandsquash.co.nz


For more information about joining the club, visit our Join us page.

Casual court use

A court access card can be rented from The Ivy at 55 Nayland St for $20 per hour plus $20 card bond. If the courts are open or non members are playing with members, visitors fees can be paid into the honesty box by the side entry gate.

The darkened spaces in the tables below indicate the busiest times during the summer months for tennis, and the winter months for squash. Please wear non marking sports shoes to protect our courts. Please note we have an online court booking system and members have priority access over non members. Your money will be refunded if no courts are available.

We are grateful to The Ivy for assisting casual court access.